WELCOME to the JUNGLE. ( MY WORLD ) Where the POSSIBILITIES are ENDLESS and MY DREAMS are WITHOUT LIMIT ( NO LIMIT SOULJAH) DEZIGN is EVERYTHING, It is TRULY LIFE! It has GIVEN me a PURPOSE to EXIST and a VOICE to SPEAK the LOVE and LIGHT that dwells WITHIN me. What you are witnessing is MY STORY, simply a REFLECTION of the TIMES I have lived through and a MASH UP of all of the PEOPLE ( I ADMIRE ) , BRANDS and PRODUCTS ( I LOVE ) , IDEAS ( that are REVOLUTIONARY ) , CULTURES ( of DIVERSITY ) and MOVEMENTS ( the REAL LIFE ACTIONS ) that have INSPIRED my journey so far. My CREATIONS are just FINGERPRINTS that I am leaving behind on this PLANET before my DEPARTURE. MY DEZIGN is embodied by what I BELIEVE and STAND TALL for. MY LOVE, MY WAR and MY COMMITMENT to PEOPLE, but MOST of ALL, is to INSPIRE as I have been INSPIRED and to ENCOURAGE and FILL others like I WISHED someone would have DONE for ME at a younger age. I AM a RUFNEK SOUL:JAH sent from up ABOVE to DEFEND all of HUMANITY from the EVIL that seeks to DESTROY them EVERYDAY. I was BORN out of STRUGGLE and RAISED in a JUNGLE, but I did NOT let that STOP me from OVERCOMING all of the OBSTACLES that were MEANT to KEEP me without POWER. I will NEVER STOP FIGHTING to MAKE my WORLD and this UNIVERSE a BETTER place for EVERYONE. I HOPE you join my ARMY and SUPPORT me in this MISSION. THANK YOU for allowing me to SHARE my HEART and SOUL. May JAH ( the MOST HIGH ) be with you. PEACE LOVE AND BLESSINGS FOREVER!



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