About Us

    The Original RUFNEK brand finds its "Roots" all the way back to the year 1993, when at just 15 years old living in the city of Lancaster, CA I was first introduced to graphic design and screen printing in high school. It was then that my vision began. Heavily Influenced by Early Hip Hop music and the Drum & Bass/Jungle Rave scene, the vision of the RUFNEK Soldier logo and brand was born. Although it took many years of learning, applying and mastering the Arts of Computer Graphic Design, T-shirt Screen Printing, Business, Marketing and some old fashioned Hustle and Grind, eventually all the hard work would pay off.

    After growing tired of failure and ready to crush fear and doubt into pieces, all by the grace of GOD, something finally clicked. The time had come and the day I had always dreamed of ever since I was 15 was bout to come true. One design began to sell and then turned into twelve designs, eventually 50 designs. Its is now 2015 and we have hundreds of sucessful designs under our belt. Never Abandon your dreams, because you could be living them out one day!

    Original RUFNEK brand has now expanded across the nation and our designs are now being rocked in every city by Professional Athletes, Musicians, Entertainers and more importantly by the Real RUFNEK Soldiers in every walk of life. The Passion you see today has been kindled by my life experiences and influences of the last 36 years. Although many of our products are heavily inspired by the latest Sneaker colorways, the designs are influenced and formed by all types of creative energies, sports, music, graffiti art, dance, pop culture, comic books, cartoons, toys, military, technology, spiritual beliefs, pretty much everything that has crossed my path in this LIFE.

     Currently based in the Phoenix, Arizona area, the brand is Killing the T-Shirt and sock game and continues to grow everyday, adding new products to the arsenal. We have the utmost respect and Love for our followers and customers alike. We strive everyday  to create and manufacture the highest quality products and to serve you in the most professional way. Blowing away your expectations in every possible way.


If you want Classick designs, ill concepts and just straight up Dope product combined with the Professional Service you deserve, then you have come to the right place.


We Salute and dedicate this brand to All the Original RUFNEK Soldiers living that RUFF, TUFF and Dangerous Lifestylee.


Peace and Blessings,

Ruben D. Alvarez

The General